The enablers

There are a series of new innovations that are emerging, and in some cases having a profound effect on our places and spaces.

These innovations include:

  • Electric and autonomous vehicles

  • E-commerce trends

  • Micromobility

  • Carsharing and mobility as a service platforms

  • Urban food delivery

  • Micro transit and delivery systems.

There are also core technology and data enablers that are underpinning these changes. 


These enablers include:

  • Internet of Things

  • 5G Connectivity

  • Interoperability

  • Security and Privacy

  • Cloud computing

  • Community-generated data

  • Advanced analytics and visualisation

  • Artificial intelligence.

And we must not forget the power of the smartphone, the ubiquitous tool helping us find, appreciate and record our place experiences. 

The Future of Place Handbook will provide guidance to policy makers and practitioners on how to embrace these enablers and shape places and spaces that are sustainable, productive and inclusive.

Our collective goal remains the same - the best places for people. However, the enablers of successful places have evolved, as described above.

The Future of Place project explores these new enablers and looks to harness them to shape the best places for people.