COVID-19 – Impacts on cities and suburbs: Key takeaways across multiple sectors

By University of Oregon | Urbanism Next Program

How is the COVID-19 pandemic changing urban living?

In this paper by Future of Place collaborator - University of Oregon (UO) - the team from the UO Urbanism Next program explore the landscape in North America of COVID-19 disruptions to date on land use and real estate, urban design, building design, transportation, e-commerce and retail, and goods delivery. The report also highlights the longer-term questions and potential ongoing impacts COVID-19 might have on the built environment.

  • Many local governments were quick to adopt tactical urbanism approaches to rapidly convert public streets, parking spaces, and sidewalks into spaces for walking and biking, restaurant diners, and retail, but the implementation of these efforts has not necessarily been equitable.

  • Changes in transportation behavior as a result of the pandemic have not been uniform. Demand for transit has been significantly impacted while new mobility services have seen demand fluctuate.

  • E-commerce sales increased substantially in response to COVID-19, accelerating existing trends, and many are trying grocery and meal delivery for the first time.

The report can be downloaded here.

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