NSW Government hosts smart places Masterclass series

By Adam Beck | Program Lead, Future of Place

Digital transformation is not simply embracing new technology, but about a change in thought and the way we innovate. The New South Wales (NSW) government has a commitment to world-class modern infrastructure, smart communities and technological innovation to improve the quality of life for communities across NSW.

Smart Places bring the physical and digital together, meaning citizens, businesses, partners and the public service workforce can go Beyond Digital from local streets and suburbs in our regional and metropolitan areas as well as our cities.

The Smart Places Strategy (PDF 1.5 MB) aligns with related initiatives from the Australian Government, local councils throughout NSW, as well as delivery partners in the private sector.

Taking a place-based approach to smart cities and connected infrastructure and services helps realise the value of technology and data to people.

The NSW Government is hosting a series of Masterclasses in the coming months to understand the core drivers of human trust, privacy preserving data management and cyber security strategies, and propose how Government might incorporate these principles in driving better engagement with communities.

You can register for these free Masterclasses here.

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