The call for equity-driven and data-enabled kerbsides

By Adam Beck | Program Lead, Future of Place

The first Future of Place Discovery Session was facilitated on February 23 with a panel of guests and over 40 government, industry and academic stakeholders.

As some of the most contested space in our cities, the kerbside is a battleground at times for policy makers, practitioners, mobility operators, businesses, emerging forms of mobility and citizens alike.

Our panel of guests included:

The session licked off with a 45min exchange by our guests' respective views on the topic, and the presentation of leading research by WSP and Uber and Waverley Council's project testing of Pick Up/Drop Off (PUDO) zones.

Our delegates then participated in a 45min facilitated interactive exercise responding to three strategic questions (see image below). Our panel of guests provided further insights in response to our delegates views on each of these questions.

A PDF version of the discovery board above is available to download below.

F_P_Future of the Kerb
Download PDF • 19KB

Three clear clusters of priority actions emerged from the session:

  1. Kerbside Vision, Classification and Hierarchy - Review available data and define kerbside assets. Classify kerb by uses, movement and place objectives. Establish a hierarchy of kerb types.

  2. Kerbside Data Strategy - For Council's and State agencies to benefit from. The Strategy needs to include all data leadership elements - security, privacy, ethics and governance. Digitisation of kerbside infrastructure, rules and opportunities to be included in this Strategy. Opportunities for data sharing and data exchange are key opportunities as well.

  3. Kerbside Futures Design Principles - Articulating clear design parameters that advance greater equity, flexibility, amenity and productivity for more kerb users.

These issues and priority areas will now be carried forward and used by the Future of Place Task Force to embed into the continued discovery of this thematic area for the Future of Place Handbook.

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