The data sets we want[ed]

By Adam Beck | Program Lead, Future of Place

We asked 150 smart cities policy makers and practitioners one question: "If there was a data set you wish you had access to during the COVID-19 health pandemic, what would it be?"

We captured the responses from this survey and have published them here.

The responses in this document have not been edited.

Responses came from stakeholders in 11 different countries representing the public and private sector, academia and NGO's.

Here are some examples of the data that was highly sought after:

  • Routes travelled of confirmed COVID-19 cases

  • Number and route of COVID-19 cases

  • Post COVID-19 work from home for staff that will remain at home and in the local economy

  • Cluster data with temporal analysis

  • People movement

  • Public recreational facilities and open space usage

  • Ridership

  • People counting in local town centres

  • List of businesses, their industry, and their current and intended operating information

  • Google searches by postcode

  • Travel time data sets

  • Recycling volumes

  • Smart card data

  • Building space usage

  • Pollution data

  • Public transport use at a granular level

  • Import/export data with origin/destination and goods classification

  • The homeless' daily route and their health condition

  • Social security numbers

  • Community initiatives and participation

  • Decrease in car traffic utilisation, increase in bicycle usage

  • Energy consumption

  • More qualitative research with citizens to understand sentiment and behaviour change

  • Building occupancy and indoor air quality

  • Traffic Data

  • Live CCTV feeds across cities

A notable observation for further investigation by the Future of Place Task Force - our hunger for data on what was happening in the public realm!

We look forward to sharing more as we unpack this issue of capturing data on our public spaces and places.

We would like to confirm that this survey was in any way representative, or rigorous, but rather a moment in time reflection from a group of stakeholders participating in a data analytics dialogue on 16 June 2020. We view it rather as a starting point for more investigation.

You can download the survey results below.

The Data Sets we Wanted
Download PDF • 2.35MB

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