The next for community engagement - digital challenges and rewards

By David Catalovski | Managing Director, GreenBe

Residents Australia-wide have come to expect more from their service providers, including the services provided by their local government. With residents relying more on email, web and mobile to keep them connected – it’s never been more important for organisations to engage with their customers in the digital realm.

Blacktown City Council, the largest local government by population in NSW recognised it was time to embrace a new approach to efficiently drive behaviour change, to transform how they engaged with households and the community at large.

With 340,000 people living across 58 residential suburbs, Blacktown City Council

is home to a broad range of diverse cultures from approximately 180 countries,

with up to 37% of local residents speaking a language other than English.

Engaging residents, especially the hard-to-reach can be tough. Inspiring action

among these households through traditional communication, such as newsletters,

information flyers and magnets is costly and difficult to measure and quantify.

Council adopted the GreenBe platform - a cloud based digital engagement software designed to drive behaviour change - given its goal to connect with hard-to-reach residents across a large area.

And the proof is in the results: with over 10,000 active accounts and 3,800+ actions taken, Blacktown City has never been more connected with their community.

Diving local economic activity

A key benefit for Blacktown City was just how quickly the local economy was able

to benefit. Local businesses are the lifeblood of the community, and GreenBe's

software and solutions provide a simple way to connect residents to their local

businesses in a relevant and meaningful way.

Local businesses benefit from a free digital promotion channel, giving them the

ability to drive increased revenue and foot traffic with a minimum spend attached

to each reward.

The easy-to-use Business Centre portal has allowed Blacktown merchants

to sign up online to create, track and manage rewards all from one place.

Redemptions and analytics are available online, giving businesses 24/7 access

to their customer data. Never before has Blacktown City been able to provide

such a sophisticated digital solution to local businesses.

Instantly measure, track and report

The GreenBe platform provides Blacktown City Council with the unique ability to quickly and easily track, measure and export its reporting metrics on residents’ sustainable actions. For example, currently 86 residents have been involved in a challenge to participate as Bush care volunteers. This unique set-up provides a way to measure the success of their programs and initiatives all in one place.

Engagement statistics are available 24/7 and can be downloaded in minutes. In addition to council data and analytics, Blacktown household users and local

businesses can access their online dashboard performance summary and

transaction details.

This new type and level of engagement between local council, residents and businesses is a new 'innovation through collaboration'. And by having a data-driven approach to measuring outcomes baked-in from the beginning, the value and benefit it delivers is always being reported in real time.

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